Michigan players psyched to don Jordan Jumpman uniforms

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
“It’s Michael Jordan. It’s not weird at all,” says Michigan tight end Jake Butt about wearing the Jordan Jumpman logo.

Chicago — The Michigan football players are eager to wear the new Nike Jumpman uniforms.

Michigan is switching to Nike apparel and equipment on Aug. 1, and the football team and basketball programs will wear the Jumpman logo from the Nike Jordan brand. The Michigan football program is the first to wear the logo.

Tight end Jake Butt was asked Monday at the Big Ten media days whether it will look weird for a football uniform to carry the Jumpman logo.

“It’s Michael Jordan,” Butt said laughing. "It’s not weird at all.”

The players will officially get the uniforms on Aug. 1, and they will be made public on Aug. 2 in a formal unveiling.

Cornerback Jourdan Lewis has already seen the uniforms.

“Yes, I have,” Lewis, before getting coy about what it looks like. “I’ll let you guys think about it.”

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The bottom line, the Wolverines love that the Jumpman logo will make them unique.

“Our team cannot wait,” Butt said. “It’s a great honor to have our name and our brand next to Jordan, who’s obviously the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. To be the first one to pave the way as a Jordan football team, I know we’re all really, really excited.”

Receiver Amara Darboh said the logo resonates with younger fans.

The Jordan Jumpman logo will appear on Michigan's football uniforms.

“The Jordan brand is highly praised now with the younger generation and I think that’s because of the type of player Michael Jordan was, very competitive and made a name for himself to be the greatest basketball player of all time,” Darboh said.

“People like to follow greatness and support greatness, and we’re excited to represent the Jordan brand.”

While Lewis won’t reveal what the jersey looks like, he’s happy to be part of this new endeavor.

“It’s Michael Jordan, especially being the first franchise program for a person that’s primarily one sport, it’s very special,” Lewis said. “It’s history making. It’s something I’m happy I could experience.”


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