UM's Manuel: Football uniforms to be traditional in 2016

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Bloomfield Township — Oregon is the most famous Nike school. Michigan's now a Nike school, in case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard.

Just don't expect Michigan to go all duck-crazy with the constant and bold changing of the football uniforms.

At least, not anytime soon.

"I haven't really talked to him extensively about it and get his thoughts. I'm not close to it," Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said Saturday of discussions he's had — or rather, not had — with coach Jim Harbaugh.

"But we both, you know, this year, love the traditional uniforms.

"And we'll see where it goes for future years."

UM's Manuel doesn't want MSU, OSU on road in same year

Harbaugh made some news during the Nike/Michael Jordan Jumpman launch when he said he would be open to the idea of the occasional one-off uniforms.

Leave it to Harbaugh to keep his options open on just about everything.

"I stand open to their ideas because some people think of things better than other people do," Harbaugh said of Nike. "They obviously do a tremendous job at the highest level, so we'll definitely keep an open mind.

"It would be dumb not to."