UM happy with new Jumpman uniforms; won't miss old ones

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Ann Arbor — Michigan basketball is going back to a classic look with its new Nike Jumpman uniforms, which were officially unveiled in a raucous, energy-filled ceremony Friday night at Crisler Center.

Stylistically, the new Michigan Nike Jumpman appear classic in design.

At the end of a 90-minute party, which featured DJ Khaled, former "Fab Five" member Jalen Rose and members of the men's and women's basketball team participating in skills competitions, including an amusing dance-off, the Nike jerseys were unveiled.

There are three color schemes -- white, with blue lettering and maize border; maize, with blue lettering; and blue, with maize lettering.

No more tiretracks on the shorts, a not-so-subtle parting "gift" from adidas a year ago.

"Not this year," Zak Irvin said, laughing. "Thank goodness we don't have those again."

Players wore black socks, a nod to the "Fab Five," during the jersey unveiling. It hasn't been determined if they will wear them throughout the season.

The jerseys were accidentally leaked earlier in the day, when images appeared on the M Den's website. They were quickly removed, but not before got a screenshot and spread the word.

The legendary Michael Jordan Jumpman logo is on the right chest.

Friday's ceremony coincided with the first day of basketball practice. Michigan coach John Beilein and women's coach Kim Barnes Arico participated in a question-and-answer with Rose, who during his stint as MC also got the crowd to chant, "Hang the Banners!" The "Fab Five" banners, of course, came down as fallout of the Ed Martin scandal.

Michigan joins a handful of basketball programs that wear the Jumpman logo.

The Michigan football team is the first football team to wear the Jumpman logo.

Earlier this year, Michigan athletics switched from adidas to a lucrative Nike contract, and clearly football and basketball have been the priority.

At a tournament last weekend in Traverse City, Michigan softball hadn't yet received its uniforms. So players had to wear T-shirts, instead, and the Nike swoosh was sewn on to the old pants.

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