Harbaugh is a Michigan man for all seasons

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh decided to campaign for the state of Michigan and its weather and seasons during his weekly “Inside Michigan Football” radio show Monday night.

After enjoying the warm 80-degree day on Monday, Harbaugh giddily described to show host Jim Brandstatter the wonders of Michigan’s weather.

“Now we’re the new Mediterranean -- a lot of coastline and how about that out there today? Eighty degrees out there,” Harbaugh said. “It is so beautiful here. It’s awesome. Global warming is good for Michigan. It’s good for recruiting.”

Brandstatter then chimed in about how things are great until February comes along with deep snow.

“Why do people always say that?” Harbaugh said, his voice rising. “The one complaint I have about Michigan people -- it can be a beautiful fall day like it was today, or a beautiful summer day or a beautiful spring day, and it’s, ‘Wait till winter comes.’ I happen to like the changing of the seasons. I like the feeling of snow crunching under my feet. It doesn’t get any better.

“There’s no better place to be in the fall, spring, summer. The winters are beautiful. We’ve got it all here. It’s the changing of the seasons. I don’t know how you could have it any better.”

Shout-out to engineers

While Harbaugh said he is not the most proficient at math, he has a great deal of respect for those who become engineers.

“The engineering school here is magnificent,” Harbaugh said on the show about UM engineering. “Personally, I think it’s the best degree you can get in college, an engineering degree, some form or fashion. Just to be able to think like an engineer. Everything around us is engineering.

“Just the way they think, solving problems, one step to the next. It’s a real blessing for someone to have the talent to be an engineer. And you know what, they never disappoint in football, either. I’ve never had an engineering student who hasn’t figured out how to be a good football player. “

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Extra points

Also during the show, Harbaugh said he thinks freshman Michael Onwenu, who has this season played on the offensive and defensive lines, will wind up playing guard on the offensive line.

“But he’ll also play on third down and short yardage on the defensive side, goal-line situations,” he said. “I think he’ll have a package on the other side of the ball for the rest of his college and professional career.

“If I had to bet my truck on it right now, I’d bet that he’d probably be an offensive lineman.”

… Harbaugh said freshman receiver Nate Johnson was among the young players who stood out during practice last week.

“He’s one of those guys right there who has a chance to bump up and get more playing time, and I think he will,” Harbaugh said. “He really stood out.”