Wolverines believe they are still playoff-worthy

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Michigan safety Delano Hill gets called for a pass interference penalty. The Wolverines argued that the ball was not catchable.

Columbus, Ohio – The Michigan players believe they are national playoff contenders.

Michigan was No. 3 in the College Football Playoff rankings heading into Ohio Stadium on Saturday and lost, 30-27, in double overtime to No. 2 Ohio State.

The Wolverines are 10-2, including a road loss to Iowa two weeks ago, 14-13. Had they beaten Ohio State they would be playing Wisconsin for the Big Ten championship.

Quarterback Wilton Speight believes the Wolverines are still one of the top four teams in the country, but understands it’s in the hands of the CFP to decide which four make the playoffs.

“I’m sure our chances are slim to none now,” Speight said. “It’s a bummer that we don’t get another shot at those guys this year.”

Do the Wolverines deserve a playoff spot?

“Yes, definitely, I believe that,” Speight said. “Saw Iowa turn it around (and beat Nebraska on Friday). That was just a weird game, a weird night (for Michigan). And then you see two heavyweight teams go into double overtime. I think that speaks volumes for a chance at the playoffs.”

Senior defensive lineman Chris Wormley, a co-captain, believes the Wolverines have a legitimate playoff case.

Michigan can’t hold off Ohio State in 2-OT heartstopper

“They’re saying Wisconsin can do that if they win next week, and we beat (Wisconsin),” Wormley said. “There’s probably some things that have to go our way, there’s probably some people that could be on our side on the committee, or however that works. We played good football all year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and we’re excited for whatever happens.”

Wormley said Michigan is one of the four best teams in the country.

“Absolutely,” Wormley said. “If we would have won this game or got a call here or there, would have turned the game in our favor, and you guys would have been saying we’re a playoff team. We’re a shoe-in. I think we are.

“I think we have the talent, I think we have the players, and I think we’ve proven ourselves our year we’re a playoff contender. Hopefully people see that and put us in the playoff.”