Postcard from Italy: Cobblestones spoil a good stroll

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

Michigan began its nine-hour sightseeing tour at 9 a.m. Monday, and media slugs like me followed along. By the end of the day, my health app stats revealed I walked 9.2 miles through Rome. That’s 21,831 steps on mostly cobblestone roads. Cobblestones are not our friends even wearing comfortable shoes. Let me repeat — they are not our friends.

Angelique Chengelis got in a healthy workout following Michigan on its walk through Rome, according to her phone.

At one point, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said he wished Ann Arbor had cobblestone roads. “They’d be better than the potholes,” he said. My feet are sore, my legs are tired, and I’m pretty sure I blamed Harbaugh for this. But I did drown my sorrow in an incredible chocolate coconut gelato at Della Palma near the Pantheon — 150 flavors! Day 3 in Rome and my third gelato visit. Nothing like gelato to wash away the cobblestone pain.