Michigan cracked the top 10 in ESPN's ranking of "College football's most binge-worthy teams in 2017."

In other words, these are the teams that are most likely to inspire someone to click the TV remote or check the scoring app to see how they fare this season.

Teams were ranked on points based on where they fit in the national discussion, recognizable coaches or players, entertaining style of football played, pageantry and overall "freeze" factor. The full story is here.

The Wolverines garnered 18.5 points, which was good enough for 10th place.


Of Michigan, ESPN's Mark Schlabach writes, "Forget about calling Jim Harbaugh the best coach without a national championship. For now, we'll have to settle for the best coach who hasn't defeated Ohio State. Sure, it's fun to watch Harbaugh touting the benefits of whole milk, throwing out a first pitch, taking his team to Italy, and hanging with celebrities. But the Wolverines would be a lot more entertaining to watch if they could figure out a way to beat the Buckeyes. And that might not be so easy having to replace 10 starters on defense and a boatload of talent on offense as well. We won't even get to see how many positions Jabrill Peppers plays anymore."

Ohio State came in at No. 6 with 20 points and Penn State was No. 4 with 21 points. Oklahoma State was No. 1 with 23 points.