Bob Wojnowski and John Niyo break down Michigan and Michigan State for the 2017 college football season.


Ann Arbor — There’s plenty of mutual respect among the Michigan defensive linemen.

Senior tackle Maurice Hurst has already garnered early acclaim from at least one NFL analyst who projects him a top-10 draft pick, and sophomore end Rashan Gary believes there’s no one better.

“He’s going to be unblockable,” Gary said Tuesday night after practice. “He knows it. I know it, the whole defense knows it. He do what he gotta do, no one can block him in the nation, I truly believe that.”

Center Patrick Kugler said he has improved in camp because of nose tackle Bryan Mone.

“He’s a beast,” Kugler said. “He’s a 340-pound nose guard. That’s not really fun to go against every day but it definitely makes you better. You have to have perfect technique or he’s going to knock you off the ball.”

Gary raved about Mone.

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Wolverines end Rashan Gary explains the team's defensive depth.

“Wooooooooo, Mone in the middle, man,” Gary said. “I’m happy he’s my nose. He comes off the ball with so much strength, so much power, some of our offensive linemen don’t like going against him. That’s a guy you love to have on your defensive line because he helps you push some plays to the outside where I can make them. Having a guy like that makes my job easier.”

There were plenty of compliments to go around. Chase Winovich said he feeds off sophomore end Rashan Gary.

“Rashan’s an animal, and I’m lucky to play across from him,” Winovich said. “I’m lucky to play across from him. Every day it’s a give-and-take relationship in practice. I think I can maybe do a little better or maybe in a different way and that feeds into some of his process. He does some stuff, and I look at it and I’m like this is something I have to incorporate in my game.”

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Work-shirt wardrobe

Offensive lineman Patrick Kugler understands the blue-collar approach and the concept behind the blue work shirts that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh each of the players. The shirts are personalized with their names on patches sewn on the left front pocket.

Kugler has worn his every day since camp started ... since July 31.

“It’s disgusting. I probably smell bad, I’m sorry guys,” Kugler, wearing the shirt under a hoodie, said to reporters Tuesday night after practice. “I’m too lazy. We have to get up every morning at 6:30, we’re done at 10. I just go straight to bed. I shower, though It’s fine. I changed the shorts out twice.”

AT&T stadium tip

Gary said the players received some advice from the coaches before heading to Arlington — don’t look at the Jumbotron during the game.

“Focus on the game,” Gary said. “You make a big play they replay it, you don’t want to get caught up looking up at it. That’s been the joke of the week.”

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