Distance makes no difference to UM's Quinn Nordin

Angelique S. Chengelis


Michigan kicker Quinn Nordin kicks a field goal in the second quarter.

Arlington, Texas — Michigan redshirt freshman kicker Quinn Nordin was never fazed.

Nordin, making his first start, was blissfully unaware when he attempted two of his six field-goal attempts in the season opener Saturday from 50 yards or longer.

He made four field goals in Michigan’s 33-17 victory over Florida, including kicks from 55 and 50 yards.

“Honestly, when I went out there, I really didn’t even know where they were from,” Nordin said. “I just went out there and did what I was coached and tried to put points on the board for my team.”

Nordin became the first Michigan player to hit two field goals of 50 yards or more in a game.

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“They actually just told me that,” Nordin said. “I was like, ‘That’s pretty cool; that’s pretty cool.’ But we’ve got to keep improving. Obviously those two misses didn’t help, but we’re going to get better every single day and move on to next week.”

Nordin missed his final two attempts, from 52 and 32 yards.

“I got redshirted last year and so I did all summer camp, I did all the preparation and then I went through everything again,” Nordin said. “So going into the game, I really didn’t have any nerves. I was just wanting to do what was best for my team in the game.

“I sort of leaked in my head a little bit, not pulling my hips through (on the second miss). Lost a little power. That’s a little fatigue and lack of concentration but we’re going to miss some, we’re going to make some. But obviously we want to make more than we miss.”

Nordin is forever linked to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s famous recruiting sleepover. He managed to sway Nordin from his commitment to Penn State to sign with Michigan.

“That’s always kind of going to be a thing people say, but I’m just glad I’m here and got to play in my first game today,” Nordin said. “That’s awesome. So really, really happy that I’m at Michigan.”

While he was thrilled with his Michigan record, he was low-key about his role going forward.

“I was just doing whatever my team needed me to do and if they needed me to put points on the board, that’s what I was going to do for my team,” he said. “That’s when they put me out there and I just wanted to do my job.”