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Detroit News predictions: Michigan vs. Cincinnati

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Wilton Speight and Michigan are a clear favorite over Cincinnati on Saturday.

The Bearcats will not be shocking the world. In fact, they will be shocked at how much Michigan will run on them. After seeing how many rushing yards Austin Peay gained in the opener, it seems a no-brainer that will be Michigan’s game plan. Michigan starting quarterback Wilton Speight will have the comfort of his home field to gain some confidence. Expect to see Brandon Peters and Kareem Walker play at some point, because this game should afford that opportunity. Also expect to see another punishing performance from the Wolverines' defense. Michigan 45, Cincinnati 3


There’s no doubt Michigan wins this game, however, the Wolverines might win it by a ridiculous margin, even considering Cincinnati struggled last week with Austin Peay. The defense should pick up where it left off and effectively limit the Bearcats, who run an up-tempo style that probably won’t work well against the Wolverines. The offense, clearly, needs to limit the turnovers. Do that, and it will be a walk in the park. Michigan 40, Cincinnati 10.



A still-anemic offense probably isn't going to find any mercy from Don Brown's defense. But Wilton Speight & Co. should find a more receptive audience facing a defense that got pushed around at the line of scrimmage by Austin Peay. Michigan 49, Cincinnati 13


The Bearcats have an up-tempo offense that could present new challenges for Michigan’s defense, which is still young, even if it didn’t play like it in the opener. The Wolverines should be able to run the ball, and Wilton Speight should be more comfortable after the opening-game jitters, or whatever it was. If Michigan avoids catastrophic mistakes, this will be fairly straightforward. Michigan 45, Cincinnati 6

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