Postcard from France: Satisfying the sweet tooth

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
No shortage of macarons to chose from at Laduree in Paris.

I love sweets, I cannot lie.

What says Paris better than a macaron from the famous Laduree? What gelato was to my time in Rome last year covering Michigan’s football trip, macarons will be to this time in Paris. The three Laduree macarons I devoured — lemon, chocolate and lavender — were divine. They were also breakfast/lunch. How could anything be better?

With trepidation I decided to find out the calorie content. Anything that good, even though they’re not that big, has to be ridiculously fattening, right? Well, well, well. I took some glee in finding out they’re 113 calories apiece. If I skip a few more meals that means I can have about 12 of them tomorrow!