Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh talks about the importance of taking trips abroad. Angelique S. Chengelis


Toledo, Ohio — Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t ruling out the possibility of the Wolverines being the subject of another Amazon Prime series as the team was during the 2017 season.

But Harbaugh wants to inquire whether the players can receive some deferred compensation for appearing in it.

“We’re just wondering if it’s possible,” Harbaugh said Thursday night after participating in the Advocates for Basic Equality and Legal Aid of Western Ohio’s Access to Justice Awards dinner. “We don’t know if it is yet. If we do another series, we’re just asking the question. I want to see if there’s something that can be there for them.”

The Amazon series, “All or Nothing” about Michigan’s season launched in April. Amazon personnel was in Paris for Michigan’s recent spring trip.

“The feedback’s all been good,” Harbaugh said when asked how likely it is the program will be the subject of another series. “Possible. Just talking to people asking what they think.”

Harbaugh has not watched the series.

“I can’t watch myself,” he said. “I don’t like even hearing my own voice. Some of those losses I don’t think I could watch them again.”

He said having the Amazon cameras around all the time was “not too bad.” Harbaugh also said he wasn’t interested in editing the show and making sure certain things were left out or were included. He said going through and editing the show might have made it feel “less real.”

“I didn’t want to be that guy watching it and editing it,” Harbaugh said. “I just didn’t think any of our coaches or players would do anything — I trust them.”

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Trip donors upset

Harbaugh admitted that Michigan alums Bobby Kotick and Don Graham are upset with him for revealing their identities as the donors who funded Michigan's trips to Rome and France.

“Uh, a little bit," Harbaugh said. "They genuinely wanted it to be anonymous. I mean genuinely. I apologize. I got a little emotional. Just very thankful. We all felt that way. We were all appreciative."