Ann Arbor — Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has not named an offensive coordinator and said he likes the “collaborative” nature of the offensive staff. Running backs coach Jay Harbaugh said he likens the group to a well-tuned band.
Jim Harbaugh added former head coach Jim McElwain to the staff as receivers coach, former Ohio State offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Ed Warinner to coach the offensive line and Sherrone Moore to coach tight ends. Pep Hamilton is the pass-game coordinator.

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“The collaboration has been fantastic,” Jay Harbaugh said Wednesday. “It’s a lot of guys who are really proficient in a certain area of offense or have called plays before and had a ton of success. It’s like a musical band — you’ve got a good bassist, you’ve got a good drummer, you’ve got a good guitarist, you’ve got the lead vocals, maybe backup vocals.

“We’ve got a lot of guys on offense, so it’s a pretty extensive band. Everyone’s got to do their part and not expand beyond their part. When you do that, and everyone’s in harmony, you get a really good final result.”

The Michigan “tour” begins Sept. 1 at Notre Dame.