Michigan linebacker Devin Bush really dislikes Michigan State

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Devin Bush

Michigan junior linebacker Devin Bush Jr. didn’t hesitate during a radio appearance Friday morning when asked which rival he dislikes more, Michigan State or Ohio State.

Bush, a co-captain, was on 97.1 The Ticket’s “Jamie and Stoney” show Friday morning.

At the end of the show in a quick-hitter segment with hosts Mike Stone and Jamie Samuelsen, Bush was asked who he dislikes more, and why.

“I hate Michigan State,” Bush said. “I don’t like Michigan State. I don’t like Ohio State either, but I just don’t like Michigan State. I don’t want even want to touch that green.”

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Here are some other highlights from Bush’s radio appearance:

Would you have preferred playing a game before Notre Dame? “To be honest, I actually liked we played Notre Dame first game. We learned a lot from that game. Playing a really good team the first game of the season really tests your team as a whole, even the coaching staff as well. Being able to make corrections off those films and knowing what we did wrong and how can we improve is going to make us a better team in the future.”

What is the attitude of the defense — no team should ever score? “Yeah, we feel like that every week no matter who it is. We pride ourselves on holding people under 14 points, but really we don’t want you to score. We only want tackles for losses.”

On the defense early against Notre Dame: “Big plays hurt. You want to limit those. Those guys are coached to make plays as well, but as a defense you’ve got to try your best to limit those big plays. When stuff goes wrong you’ve got to be able to get back in the groove and stop them.”

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On Jim Harbaugh calling him one of the fastest linebackers ever seen: “I like to use my speed and my quickness and my athleticism as much as I can. I use that to my biggest advantage when I’m on the field. I like to make those things my game.”

On whether he thinks speed is more important or smarts: “Smarts, I would say, is bigger than physically doing it. When you can anticipate something, your reaction is going to be so much faster than everybody, so it’s going to seem like you’re moving faster.”

What was the thought process for the defense after the first eight minutes at Notre Dame? “It was, get back in the groove. Let’s limit those plays. We weren’t as shocked as people thought we was, but it was more like, ‘OK, it’s out the way now, let’s get back to what we do best and get these three-and-outs and get the offense the ball.”

On what defensive coordinator Don Brown is like to play for: “He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, you know, besides my dad and everything. But playing for coach Brown, he really connects with his players and he really loves you. He reminds us every day, ‘Hey guys, I love you. I love you like you’re my sons,’ and he lets you play. He’s going to let you do what you do best.”

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On the quirkiest thing Harbaugh as done: “It was a  game night last year, he was talking about being tough. He brings up a story about going to get ice cream after a Little League game back when he was nine or 10 years old. He didn’t have any money, and he went with a friend. And they’re like, ‘Yo, Jim, would you like some ice cream?’ He was like, ‘Nah, I’m good, I don’t want ice cream. I can resist it. I’m good.’ But he said deep down inside he really wanted the ice cream. He was licking his lips. He was being mentally tough, and he did not want the ice cream.”

On this team having one shot this season together: “A lot of things change in college football, as you can see, coaches leave, players leave, people graduate, people go on and pursue their dreams in the NFL. Who knows what’s going to happen next year. Who knows what these coaches are going to do and what’s going to happen. So with this group, you get one shot with this group. We’ve got a lot of seniors and a lot of guys who have the potential to move on and graduate and do things. One shot with this team, like I said, it’s only one time you’re all going to be together.”