Michigan athletic officials rebuke internet show on football program

The Detroit News
James Yoder hosts Michigan Football Report, which has drawn a sharp rebuke from the University of Michigan football program.

University of Michigan Athletics sent a letter through its football office Friday, advising parents and student-athletes that James Yoder, who runs the internet show "Michigan Football Report," is not credentialed or affiliated with a legitimate news organization.

Yoder claims on Twitter the show, which is streamed on Facebook and archived on YouTube, is the most-watched Michigan Football program in American (sic).

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Part of the letter from associate athletic director David Ablauf reads: "He has proclaimed himself 'the king of Michigan media' yet his comments on Michigan Football are riddled with inaccuracies and not based upon any direct access or communications with our team, coaches or other personnel."

The letter goes on to say the UM athletic officials believe Yoder films postings in front of a green screen and superimposes a photograph of Schembechler Hall museum, which gives the perception he has access to facilities.

"Michigan Football encourages its family and fans to seek accurate information on our program through the wide selection of trusted, credible, credentialed and professional sports media outlets that cover our team," Ablauf writes.