'Betrayal': Michigan's Hutchinson doesn't mince words about Mattison's move to Ohio State

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News
Michigan defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson hasn't taken well to assistant coach Greg Mattison's departure to rival Ohio State.

Ann Arbor — Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson, recruited here by Greg Mattison, said the defensive line coach's departure for arch-rival Ohio State felt like a “betrayal.”

Mattison had two coaching stops at Michigan, first from 1992-1996 when he coached Hutchinson’s father, Chris, before leaving for Notre Dame, and then returned when Brady Hoke was coach in 2011 as defensive coordinator. He became defensive line coach when Jim Harbaugh took over in 2015. Mattison is now co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State where he is making double the salary he made at Michigan.

Last week during a news conference at Ohio State, Mattison referred to Michigan as “the team up north.” Aidan Hutchinson on Twitter took the original post of Mattison’s remark and said, “Oh, so it’s like that” and added two snake emojis.

Hutchinson was asked about that after Michigan’s spring “game” on Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

“Here’s about that —-- so coach Matty, he taught me so much when I got here,” said Hutchinson, who will be a sophomore this fall. “I’m not taking any of that away from him. But you get a big feeling of betrayal. He told me he’s either retiring or he’s renewing the contract, so I’m like, oh, OK. I found out he’s leaving, I’m like, oh, OK, whatever. He said Ohio State and that kinda makes your stomach turn a little bit. He taught me a lot, I’m not taking that away from him, but it gives you a different mindset on things.

“I wouldn’t mind if he went to any other school. But this (crap) kind of hurts.”

Hutchinson said he hasn’t spoken to Mattison and doesn’t intend to.

Defensive lineman Donovan Jeter bit his tongue when asked about Mattison.

“I’m a lot less filtered than Aidan,” he said, explaining why. “I don’t want to say anything bad about Matty, because I messed up a lot off the field and he kept his faith in me. Matty could have just, ‘I’m done with this kid,’ but he brought me along, he showed me how to play, how to stop the run. Doing what he did, I can’t … no comment. I can’t do it. No comment.”

A few days ago, safeties/special teams coordinator Chris Partridge made clear he is not only motivated by the enormous loss at Ohio State at the end of last season but also has no intention of speaking to Mattison on linebackers coach Al Washington, who also left for the Ohio State staff.

"I want to be candid, those guys (Mattison and Washington) left, and it was another shot, and it wasn’t OK,” Partridge said. “No desire. No desire at all (to speak to them). I’m not the kind of guy that’s going to reach out or anything like that. I’ve been here going into my fifth year, I consider myself an alumni at Michigan just like someone goes four years and graduates. I’m here, I’m Michigan, I’m Go Blue all the way, so I don’t have a desire.”


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