Henning: Tigers' Cabrera states obvious: He's staying in Detroit

Lynn Henning
The Detroit News

Detroit — Miguel Cabrera said something Tuesday that seemed unnecessary.

But because a guy who once worked for the Marlins, who now works for an entity called CBS Sports HQ, suggested Cabrera might want to again play in Miami, there was some hullabaloo that pretty much ignored a fact that should be kept in mind, even as Cabrera affirmed Tuesday that he wanted to play for the Tigers for the remainder of his career. 

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, left, says he's happy in Detroit.

Cabrera is under contract with the Tigers through at least 2023. He will be paid at least $184 million through those years.

And, so, he probably wasn't going anywhere, as everyone knew, and knows, unless he became so unhappy that he forced a trade requiring the Tigers to absorb most of those remaining millions.

Such a scenario seems like a lot of wasted energy on everyone's part, beginning with Cabrera's, which is probably why he set matters straight Tuesday.

"I like it here in Detroit," he told media gathered for Tuesday's Tigers-Angels game at Comerica Park. I love Detroit. So why am I going somewhere else?"

Well, probably because he at least invited thoughts earlier this month when he talked about not being appreciated for playing through injuries. He spoke of fans who weren't sympathetic to him playing hurt during past seasons when he was socked with ankle, back, and groin issues galore.

He was feeling bruised and said so. Toss in the Miami person's broadside about returning to Miami, where he earlier played, and, voila, you had a bit of melodrama courtesy of a superstar and owner of Detroit's all-time richest sports contract.

He went on to explain Tuesday that it really wasn't fans who irked him. It was certain media outlets, which might or might not have included the source for much of this ruckus: CBS Sports HQ, even if none of us knew anything about CBS Sports HQ previous to the Cabrera episode.

Anyway, now that Cabrera has decided to honor the contract he and late owner Mike Ilitch together crafted to ensure a Hall of Fame-targeted star would always play in Detroit, we can rest for now, secure in that something that seemed preposterous is in fact no less silly.