Foster: Pistons should wait it out with Greg Monroe

Terry Foster
The Detroit News

Pistons forward Greg "The Moose" Monroe became agitated when The Sporting News wrote that he desperately wants out of Detroit.

He should want out because the Pistons are not a good fit for him now. However, I would not trade Monroe even if he wants out so badly that he would sign with another team in the summer as an unrestricted free agent. Besides, there is not a team that wants to give up the first-round pick the Pistons reportedly want.

I would not be willing to trade the Moose. I would be looking to move J-Smoove.

Josh Smith should be the target, even if he doesn't fetch anything. This three-headed monster of Andre Drummond, Smith and Monroe works in tiny stretches, but it is not a threesome that will put you in contention for a title.

The Pistons keep losing and there are no signs of this working unless you take stock in the mini two-game win streak over Sacramento and Phoenix that snapped a 13-game losing streak.

Let's say you keep Monroe and he returns to the starting lineup and markets himself to a place where he can get a four-year deal worth $60 million. He tells the Pistons not to call. He wants nothing to do with coach/president Stan Van Gundy and says "see ya" to the Pistons.

I am fine with that and willing to take that risk. Let's say you've traded Smith and get little or nothing in return. I am fine with that. The key to the NBA is salary cap room and that is something a new guy like Van Gundy wants to work with.

If he wants a power team he can put that together. If Van Gundy wants a 3-point shooting team he can buy the best long gunners in the game.

He can decide what he wants.

It is also the best move for Monroe. He is a starter that is not starting. He plays on a team that loses and he plays the same position as Smith.

Monroe should want out, but he cannot say it. This town does not take kindly to players who do not want to be here.

For example, there is this little bit of distance with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who appears to want to play elsewhere. I could not help but think he held a going away party at Ford Field when he had Suh Squad member Warren Buffett and family members on the field prior to the Lions' victory over the Vikings.

"Everyone knows he (Monroe) wants out of there," a unidentified source told The Sporting News. "There is almost nothing he would shoot down."

Monroe bristled when he heard the report prior to the Pistons' loss to the Clippers in Los Angeles.

"At this point it's definitely annoying because we're trying to turn things around right here, right now," Monroe said. "And I have to answer for something I have absolutely nothing to do with. It is annoying."

Monroe cannot say he wants out. Piston fans would boo him out of town.

All he needs to do is keep his mouth shut, endure the next few weeks and freedom is his.