Jackson keeps hot hand with hunting gloves during games

Terry Foster
The Detroit News
Reggie Jackson

Auburn Hills -- Like any NBA player, Reggie Jackson likes to have the hot hand on the court.

But Jackson doesn't want to cool off while he's on the bench. That is why Jackson wears battery-operated hunting gloves when he's not playing. And, yes, you can purchase them in your local sporting goods store or online.

"I found out in OKC I had problems with my hands getting extremely cold once I started running," Jackson said. "I started losing feelings in my extremities."

Thunder trainer Joe Sharpe found the gloves for Jackson when Jackson complained that his hands were cold during games. Jackson is often seen blowing on his hands during breaks in action, and wanted a way to keep his hands warm until he returned to the court.

The Venture company sells a pair of hunting gloves with rechargeable batteries and wall charger for $210. Jackson is able to adjust the heat setting on the gloves.

"They keep my hands warm so I can keep feeling the ball," Jackson said. "Throughout the game my hands would get to the point where they were freezing."

Jackson has indeed had a hot hand recently. In the last five games he is averaging 20.2 points and 12.2 assists per game.

"I guess I want to make sure my teammates have hot hands too," he said.