David Goricki, Rod Beard, Eric Coughlin and Craig Yuhas of The Detroit News offer their predictions for Week 7 of the high school football season.

Detroit Western at Detroit Denby

Goricki: Detroit Denby

Beard: Detroit Denby

Coughlin: Detroit Denby

Yuhas: Detroit Denby

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Orchard Lake St. Mary’s at Detroit Catholic Central

Goricki: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

Beard: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 

Coughlin: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s (best bet)

Yuhas: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

Allen Park at Wyandotte

Goricki: Wyandotte

Beard: Wyandotte

Coughlin: Wyandotte

Yuhas: Wyandotte

Grosse Ile at Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central

Goricki: Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central

Beard: Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (best bet)

Coughlin: Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central

Yuhas: Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (best bet)

Livonia Franklin at Dearborn Fordson

Goricki: Dearborn Fordson

Beard: Dearborn Fordson

Coughlin: Livonia Franklin

Yuhas: Livonia Franklin

South Lyon at Walled Lake Western

Goricki: Walled Lake Western

Beard: Walled Lake Western

Coughlin: South Lyon

Yuhas: Walled Lake Western

Waterford Kettering at White Lake Lakeland

Goricki: White Lake Lakeland (best bet)

Beard: White Lake Lakeland

Coughlin: White Lake Lakeland

Yuhas: White Lake Lakeland

Port Huron at Port Huron Northern

Goricki: Port Huron Northern

Beard: Port Huron Northern

Coughlin: Port Huron Northern

Yuhas: Port Huron Northern

Clarkston at Rochester Adams

Goricki: Clarkston

Beard: Clarkston

Coughlin: Clarkston

Yuhas: Clarkston

Oxford at Southfield A&T

Goricki: Southfield A&T

Beard: Southfield A&T

Coughlin: Southfield A&T

Yuhas: Oxford

Temperance Bedford at Ann Arbor Pioneer

Goricki: Ann Arbor Pioneer

Beard: Temperance Bedford

Coughlin: Temperance Bedford

Yuhas: Temperance Bedford

Dearborn Heights Crestwood at Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Goricki: Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Beard: Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Coughlin: Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Yuhas: Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Davison at Warren De La Salle

Goricki: Warren De La Salle

Beard: Warren De La Salle

Coughlin: Davison

Yuhas: Davison

Gibraltar Carlson at Harper Woods

Goricki: Harper Woods

Beard: Gibraltar Carlson

Coughlin: Gibraltar Carlson

Yuhas: Gibraltar Carlson

Okemos at North Farmington

Goricki: North Farmington

Beard: North Farmington

Coughlin: North Farmington

Yuhas: North Farmington


Goricki: 13-2 last week, 68-22 overall, 6-0 best bets

Beard: 13-2 last week, 66-24 overall, 5-1 best bets

Coughlin: 12-3 last week, 61-29 overall, 6-0 best bets

Yuhas: 11-4 last week, 62-28 overall, 6-1 best bets