Schilling fires back at tweeters who insulted daughter

The Detroit News
Curt Schilling plans to seek out those who posted unsavory comments on Twitter about his daughter.

Curt Schilling doesn't get mad, he gets even.

The former pitcher and current ESPN analyst posted congratulations to his daughter Gabby on Twitter, who had earned a softball scholarship to Salve Regina University.

Some of his Twitter followers took the occasion to harass and crudely insult his daughter.

Schilling went on "The Dan Patrick Show" Tuesday and announced he had tracked down the profane tweeters and was going to pursue criminal charges.

"I know every one of their names," Schilling said. "I know where they went to school. I know their parents. I know all of it. I'm not going to have any problem with evidence."

Two men already have paid a price. One was fired from his job as a part-time ticket salesman for the Yankees and the other, a student at Montclair State, was suspended by the university.