Ex-Tiger’s wife tosses no-hitter jersey in trash

The Detroit News

The wife of a Major League Baseball player probably should avoid tossing out his cherished jersey — especially if it’s steeped in sports glory.

At least that’s the message former Detroit Tiger Max Scherzer shared on Twitter this week.

The Washington Nationals pitcher, who spent five seasons playing for the Motor City, tweeted a picture Wednesday of his gray-and-red jersey crumpled and in a trash can.

“Wife was cleaning up the house and threw away a “dirty” Jersey... It was the 2nd No Hitter Jersey!” wrote Scherzer, who in May became the third pitcher in major league history to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning game.

The retaliation was swift. Besides labeling his first tweet with the hashtag “ShesSleepingOnTheCouch,” Scherzer then posted another photo.

This time, the trash held two black handbags — presumably belonging to Erica May-Scherzer.

“Oh look! I found some “dirty” purses...” the pitcher tweeted, calling it #JustDoingHouseChores.

She responded:

“MAJOR wife fail moment! #AtLeastTheCouchIsComfy.”