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Tigers’ Joe Nathan channels his inner Jimmy Kimmel, reads some mean tweets

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
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Detroit — Joe Nathan may not have his best stuff anymore.

But at least he’s still got his sense of humor.

Approached by WXYT 97.1 The Ticket’s Jeff Riger this week, the embattled Tigers closer — who’s taken his share of abuse from the fans this year — agreed to channel his inner Jimmy Kimmel.

Yes, that’s right. Nathan agreed to read some mean tweets.

Here’s the video, which is absolutely classic.

Nathan read a variety of tweets, some funny and some downright cruel.

Some that got a funny reaction from Nathan:

“That’s a good one, because there probably hasn’t been that many three-up, three-down situations,” Nathan said, laughing.

Then there was Nathan’s favorite:

“Now that one’s a little better,” Nathan told Riger. “That one’s more creative.”

Then Nathan gave the tweeter, Christopher Barger, a thumbs-up.

Riger, by the way, made a little news himself Tuesday when a reporter for ESPN Deportes, Marly Rivera, got quite upset with him during the Derek Jeter press conference at Comerica Park.

We’d tell ya all about it, but it’s best to just read about it here.



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