Tigers credit Hernan Perez with catching Royals off base

Tom Gage
The Detroit News
Kansas City's Eric Hosmer and Detroit's Nick Castellanos wait for umpires to decide the fate of the Tigers' appeal Saturday.

Kansas City, Mo. — Who gets the credit for seeing that Salvador Perez hadn't tagged up in the sixth inning — a chain of events that resulted in a Royals' run being taken off the scoreboard?

It was infielder Hernan Perez, a September call-up, who was watching the play from the Tigers' dugout.

Perez quickly went to coach Omar Vizquel, who told manager Brad Ausmus — who appealed the play.

That led to multiple consultations by the umpires, who eventually agreed Salvador Perez had not touched third before reversing directions between home and third — and therefore could not be allowed to score on a play that initially was ruled an error for Tigers shortstop Eugenio Suarez for failing to catch a throw from second baseman Ian Kinsler.

Considering that the Tigers ended up winning 3-2, the subtraction of a run for the Royals proved to be immense for both teams.

"I knew I had to hurry and tell Omar," said Hernan Perez, "because we had to appeal."

Said Ausmus: "I have to give credit where credit is due. Hernan Perez is the guy who initially noticed it as he sat on the bench watching the game.

"I said in spring training that this guy is a baseball player with great instincts and he was playing attention. Plus he was vocal about it right away, which was huge. It was the turning point.

"He noticed that (Salvador) Perez never went back and touched third. So that's how it all started."

And it all ended with the Tigers winning another pivotal game against the team closest to them in the standings.