Tigers' Game 2 loss: What they're saying

The Detroit News

What readers and others are saying about the Tigers-Orioles series.

OK, maybe there is something supernatural going on here ... at least in the eighth inning. The Orioles have scored 12 runs in that frame in the first two games of this Division Series, and they've had some help from the beleaguered Tigers bullpen. But make no mistake, there's something very special happening right now and a new hero emerges every day. Delmon Young, come on down.

— Peter Schmuck,Baltimore Sun columnist

I was tempted to simply cut and paste yesterday's in here. What an implosion by the Tigers bullpen, and once again, what a display by the Orioles to battle enough to get the Tigers' good pitchers out of the game and attack their struggling ones. Game ball goes to Kevin Gausman, who threw gas for three innings and quieted the Tigers lineup to keep the Orioles in it. The win guarantees the Orioles at least one more home game — Game 5, if necessary, or another raucous crowd for the American League Championship Series. What more can you ask for?

— Jon Meoli,Baltimore Sun reporter

Wow, Detroit's bullpen really stinks. Huge win for the Orioles. This series is over after demoralizing comeback.

— Ron Fritz, Baltimore Sun

The bullpen is destroyed beyond repair, and Brad Ausmus can't rely on Joakim Soria and Joba Chamberlain in clutch situations anymore. So the Tigers have to win other ways, with a complete-game gem from David Price, with Anibal Sanchez in relief, with mashing from Miggy and the Martinezes, It's not impossible to bounce back, but it will take imagination and determination.

— Bob Wojnowski,Detroit News

"So Sanchez is 6 for 6, and you replace him with Joba Chamberlain? Really? Why does Chamberlain still have a job? Why does Ausmus have to continually go back to what is known to not work? Brutal handling of late inning relief all year long."

— Herb Bittner

"Ausmus goes with the same guys who blew last nights game. He can't try Albuquerque or Porcello? Ausmus and the whole bull pen need to go at the end of the season- in other words this weekend."

— Bob Karsten

"It was a David Brandon ploy, to distract attention from tomorrow's U-M game. Hoke saw Ausmus had a concussion, but left him in to manage."

— Bill Veik, Lansing

"He (Sanchez) has been hurt and has not built up enough stamina to go 4,5+ innings. But the ease in which he blew through 2 innings he very well could have pitched 1 more."

— Chuck Woolaver,Olivet College

"Why Ausmus wouldn't let Sanchez pitch the 8th is beyond me. Bad decision there. Did he think Chamberlain was going to have some sort of revelation. We're done. Sherzer will more than likely leave. Looks like that 30 year world series drought could go another generation, cause there's no guarantee we will even make the playoffs next year, even if they FINALLY shore up that bullpen which has been an achilles heel for over 2 years."

— Al Mazurek

"Fair or not, Brad Ausmus will be fired at the end of the year, but even so, all of his mistakes this year and getting so obviously out managed this series he'll never earn the respect of his ballclub, let alone Tiger fans... I feel bad for Miggy, his emotion in the dugout during the 8th shows how bad he wants to win ... everyone else was like deer in headlights.... including Ausmus."

— Dave Kim