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Olney: Goldschmidt gets nod over Cabrera for best 1B

The Detroit News

The Tigers' Miguel Cabrera has won the American League MVP award two of the last three years, but he only ranks as the second-best first baseman in the majors, according to ESPN baseball expert Buster Olney.

The No. 1 honor in Olney's estimation goes to the Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt.

"If this ranking was built on offensive ability alone and Miguel Cabrera hadn't been taken down by ankle trouble last season, then the two-time AL MVP would be in the top spot," Olney says. "But players here are rated on overall play, and Goldschmidt is the best overall first baseman."

Olney's top 10:

1. Goldschmidt

2. Cabrera

3. Jose Abreu, White Sox

4. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs

5. Adrian Gonzalez, Dodgers

6. Freddie Freeman, Braves

7. Joey Votto, Reds

8. Albert Pujols, Angels

9. Mike Napoli, Red Sox

10. Eric Hosmer, Royals

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