Tigers' Tyler Collins can't shake pigskin injustice

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
It was a disappointing football postseason for Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins.

Detroit — Tyler Collins is a big football fan. Yes, even after the last few weeks.

First, his Baylor Bears were stunned by Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl, and then his Dallas Cowboys lost their playoff game to Green Bay on a wildly disputed call by officials.

Baylor's loss was the big stunner.

Collins, a Tigers outfielder, attended Baylor for a year and wanted to go to the Jan. 1 Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas, not far from his home. But his grandma's 90th birthday party, understandably, took priority.

Still, he watched the game — and like many, he expected Baylor, barely left out of the playoffs, to roll. Early in the game, even, that seemed the script.

Then MSU rallied back in the fourth quarter to shock the experts — and Collins, who was livid at the party.

"I probably embarrassed my grandma," said Collins, "in front of all her 100-year-old friends."

Days later, he was ticked again — when his Cowboys lost to the Packers when Dez Bryant's late circus catch was overturned by refs.

The process rule struck again.

Like most Cowboys fans, Collins doesn't get it. He works out with Donald Driver, and even Driver suggested to him it was a catch.

"And that's good enough for me!" Collins said, laughing.

Of course, it was pointed out to Collins that the Cowboys shouldn't even have been playing the Packers. The Lions were arguably jobbed the week before on a pass interference no-call in Dallas.

"Yeah," Collins said, shaking his head while at a media session before the start of the Tigers Winter Caravan on Thursday afternoon. "I guess."