Tigers won't take a bath in Scherzer-run pools anymore

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Brothers Austin, 10, Alex, 12, and Aiden Zielke, 4, all of Chesterfield Township, show the autographs they scored Saturday at TigerFest.

Detroit -- The Tigers aren't sugarcoating it.

Losing Max Scherzer is a big void in the rotation, even though, yes, they do have David Price to soften the blow.

But the Tigers will need to make up for Scherzer's production in another area.

He was the "pool" guy, in that he was in charge of all the Tigers' clubhouse action, from a spring-training basketball tournament to fantasy football and the NCAA and Big Ten basketball tournament brackets.

"The thing about Max," Alex Avila said, laughing, "is the pools were always geared toward Max."

Scherzer might take his pool-running skills to the Nationals, though he probably has to worry less about building in an advantage for himself -- given he's going to be paid $15 million a year for the next 14 years.

As for his replacement in Detroit, Avila said hitting coach Wally Joyner might take over.

"He enjoys that stuff," Avila said.

Scherzer also served as the Tigers' union representative. They'll elect a new one this spring.



Alex Avila: "The thing about Max is the pools were always geared toward Max."