Brad Ausmus moves out of 'Stone Age,' tweets

Chris McCosky
The Detroit News

Lakeland, Fla. — Well, look who's on Twitter.

Tigers manager Brad Ausmus — @BradAusmus07 — has moved past the private account he used to keep tabs on his children to a public account.

"We're in the 21stCentury," he said, explaining his decision. "You've got to move on, can't stay in the Stone Age."

Ausmus' first and only Tweet so far was posted Tuesday night: "Day one message to the team... every pitch, every swing, and every play matters."

Funny thing about that, when asked what his message to the team had been by reporters, he wouldn't answer, saying it was between him and the team.

"I thought of you (media) when I wrote that," he said. "I guess I can use this to scoop you guys."

Ausmus said whatever is posted on his account will come from him. There will be no ghost Tweeter. But he doesn't expect to post much.

"I probably won't be overactive," he said. "I'll probably have a Twitter rant. Maybe get in a Twitter feud like Taylor Swift. Break the Internet eventually, I am sure. Use it to refute articles that are written."

We think he was joking about most of that. What he wasn't joking about though is not reading his mentions.

"I won't read them, I promise you, I won't read anything," he said.

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