Twins' Blyleven apologizes for taking shots at 'ugly' Detroit

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Bert Blyleven

Detroit — Bert Blyleven rarely holds back, but on Thursday, he had to take it back.

On Thursday afternoon, while the Tigers and Twins were in a lengthy rain delay, he managed to tick off a large contingent of Detroiters on Twitter — plus Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder — before eventually apologizing and removing the tweets.

Here's how it started:

Blyleven, the Hall of Fame pitcher and Twins TV analyst, posted a photo on Twitter of the fog-masked skyline beyond Comerica Park.

He wrote:

"It is the best I have seen downtown Detroit though! Thank you low clouds!"


The comment didn't sit well with Tigers fans, who swung back on social media, some suggesting those low clouds are the reason the Twins haven't scored a run this year.

That prompted Blyleven, 64, to take another dig.

"Guess I ruffled some feathers with my last tweet about (downtown) Detroit!" Blyleven said on Twitter (BertBlyleven28). "Guess all you that responded haven't seen how ugly your downtown is."

Snyder had this to say on Twitter in response to Blyleven:

"I think our view of downtown Detroit looks just great."

Snyder then attached a photo from Opening Day, when the Tigers raised their American League Central banner.

Asked for comment by WXYT's Jeff Riger, Blyleven said something unfit for publication and stood by his tweets, but shortly after the Tigers' 7-1 victory, completing a three-game sweep, Blyleven removed the tweets and issued an apology, again via Twitter.​