Brad Ausmus tossed after balk call on Anibal Sanchez

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is ejected from the game by third-base umpire Gerry Davis in the sixth inning Thursday at Comerica Park.

Detroit — Tigers manager Brad Ausmus usually keeps his cool.

But he lost it briefly Thursday afternoon, and it led to his first ejection of 2015.

Ausmus was upset about a balk call in the sixth inning, which led to a Yankees run to tie the game at 1.

Tigers starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez had been brilliant, but with a runner on third and two out, he balked. However, the umpiring crew never made a call.

Until, that is, the Yankees bench started complaining loudly, and only then was the balk called.

That brought out Ausmus to talk to the crew, including third-base umpire Gerry Davis. The brief conversation got a little heated, but Ausmus quickly turned to walk away.

As he was heading to the dugout and had his back to the field, Davis threw him out. He then turned and had a few more choice words for Davis.

Ausmus earned a rousing ovation from the crowd that braved the 33-degree temperatures.

Bench coach Gene Lamont takes over as manager for the rest of the game, the finale of a four-game series.