Detroit — Victor Martinez got into the batting cage before the game Monday and hit from the right side against a right-handed pitcher. This is something fans and some in the media have been wanting Martinez to do as he struggles to bat left-handed with his surgically-repaired left knee.

Relax. The right-handed pitcher was Tigers manager Brad Ausmus and he was just throwing batting practice, as he often does. Martinez was merely getting in his swings from both sides.

"You can talk about it all you want but I have made it pretty clear he wasn't going to do it," Ausmus said of Martinez hitting right-handed against right-handed pitchers.

Asked to explain why, Ausmus said, "Because he hasn't faced a right-handed pitcher batting right-handed in decades. We'd be asking him to do something he hasn't done."

Martinez hasn't batted right-handed against a righty since 2011. He has only 23 at-bats righty vs. righty and many of those were against knuckleball pitchers.

"We thought about it, we talked about it and he's not comfortable with it," Ausmus said. "If he's not comfortable with it, obviously we aren't going to be comfortable with it."

Around the horn

Ausmus said he was going to find days off for three players who had yet to miss a game — Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes. Cespedes got the day off Monday. "Just a day off, no other reason for it," Ausmus said. He wouldn't say when he planned to sit the other two.

…So, Shane Greene and David Price each bought Dahon bikes — the kind you can fold up and take on the road — at the same time. Price has been riding his around; Greene's hasn't come yet. "Yeah. We bought them at the same time. David Price gets his, Shane Greene doesn't get his — You guys do the math," Greene said. Simple, Greene needs to win a Cy Young award.