Tigers have fifth-best fans in majors, data shows

The Detroit News
J.D. Martinez takes a selfie with fans during Tigers Photo Day on July 5.

The Tigers have the fifth-best fans in MLB, according to analysis by TicketCity.

TicketCity, an online sports ticket broker, calls the results of its data the "MLB Fan Power Ranking."

The Red Sox rank first, followed by the Giants, Cardinals and Brewers. The Athletics have the worst fans in MLB, according to TicketCity's data.

These factors were used to rank the teams:

* Twitter followers as a percentage of the metro area population.

* Facebook fans as a percentage of the metro area population.

* Average ticket price on the secondary market for the 2014 regular season.

* Annual team revenue for 2014 (from Forbes).

* Average attendance for 2014 as a percentage of stadium capacity.

Attendance and ticket prices were given more weight than the other factors.


1. Red Sox

2. Giants

3. Cardinals

4. Brewers

5. Tigers

6. Reds

7. Orioles

8. Pirates

9. Phillies

10. Yankees

11. Royals

12. Padres

13. Twins

14. Cubs

15. Indians

16. Rockies

17. Mariners

18. Blue Jays

19. Braves

20. Dodgers

21. Rangers

22. Angels

23. Nationals

24. Rays

25. Astros

26. White Sox

27. Mets

28. Marlins

29. Diamondbacks

30. Athletics