Ausmus ejected after losing replay review

Chris McCosky
The Detroit News

Detroit — All Brad Ausmus wanted was to ask a simple question.

Instead, he got ejected by crew chief Ron Kulpa in the sixth inning of the Tigers’ 2-0 loss to the Rangers.

“To me, it was premature,” Ausmus said. “There was no swearing. If he’d answered my question I’d have said, ‘Thanks Ron,’ and I would go back to the dugout and the play would be over.”

Here’s what happened:

Miguel Cabrera was caught off second base when Victor Martinez’s liner into the over-shifted defense was caught in short right field by second baseman Rougned Odor. Odor threw to shortstop Elvis Andrus, who wasn’t sure he had touched the base, so he dived back and tagged it with his glove.

Cabrera was ruled out.

Ausmus challenged the call and after a review that lasted four minutes and 57 seconds, the call was upheld. Ausmus stepped out of the dugout to ask Kulpa for an explanation.

“I had one question,” he said. “Instant replay is still relatively new. All the umpires I’ve come across, if it’s an odd replay review, they are willing to give you the explanation they got from New York.

“And my only question was — I wasn’t going to argue whether he was out or safe — my only question was, did they call him out on the initial touch of the bag and when he went back to touch the bag.”

After Kulpa ejected him, he explained that it was determined that Andrus had touched the base with his foot on the initial try.

“That’s all I was looking for,” Ausmus said. “There was no reason for that ejection at all.”