Tigers' Gose apologizes for 'stupid mistake'

Lynn Henning
The Detroit News
Anthony Gose trots off the field between innings Saturday in Toronto.

Toronto – Anthony Gose said Sunday he apologized for "a stupid mistake" when he lost track of outs in the fourth inning of a game the Tigers lost to the Blue Jays, 15-1, at Rogers Centre on Saturday.

"It's never happened before," said Gose, the Tigers center fielder who thought the fourth inning was over when he caught Josh Donaldson's drive to right-center.

There was, however, only two out after Gose snagged the fly ball. Ryan Goins, who was on second base and who had tagged following Gose's catch, raced to third and then scored when he noticed Gose trotting off the field.

"Fifty thousand people and everybody knows how many outs except me," said Gose, speaking in the visitors' clubhouse as the Tigers got ready to play the Jays in Sunday's 1:07 p.m. series finale.

“Yeah, I’m not happy,” Gose said. “I’m the only one running off the field with the ball in my hand. At that point, you feel about as low as you can.”

Gose issued his "stupid mistake" apology to Tigers starter Buck Farmer, who was about to wrap up his shift in a game in which Blue Jays hitters bludgeoned the Tigers staff, led by Edwin Encarnacion, who had three home runs and nine RBIs.

Gose said the mental gaffe was regrettable and in his rearview mirror.

"It happened yesterday, so what am I gonna do?" Gose asked, rhetorically. "I can't go back."