Tigers beef up scouting and analytics staffs

Chris McCosky
The Detroit News
Al Avila

Detroit – As he promised, executive vice president and general manager Al Avila has beefed up the Tigers scouting and analytics staffs, as well as their international operations.

The Tigers have hired four veterans scouts to their Major League bureau: Ray Crone, most recently with the Padres; Joe Ferrone, with the Tigers from 2003-2007 and most recently with the Brewers; Randy Johnson, the former Braves third baseman who scouted for the Tigers in the early 2000s and has been with the Padres; and Jimmy Rough, who had been an area scout with the Tigers.

Also, Murray Cook, who had been serving as an area scout, has been named senior advisor.

Jeff Kunkel, former Michigan captain who has been the team's bullpen catcher the last four seasons, has been hired as an area scout serving the upper Midwest region.

Also hired as amateur scouts: Steve Hinton, national cross-checker; Jim Bretz, area scout for the Northeast region; RJ Burgess, area scout North Florida; Dave Dangler, area scout Northwest region; Oneri Fleita, area scout Mid-Atlantic region; Justin Henry, area scout Southeast region.

Fleita, former scout with the Cubs, will also serve as the organization's international cross-checker. Jesus Garces will be the team's area scout in Venezuela.

On the baseball operations side, Alan Avila, Al Avila's son, has been hired as assistant counsel.

As was reported two weeks ago, Jay Sartori was hired as the team's Senior Director of Baseball Operations and Analytics. He added Andrew Koo to his staff as an analyst. Chris Long will assist the department as a consultant.

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