Tigers fan a ‘mini celebrity’ after grabbing five foul balls

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Bill Dugan of Roseville shows that he caught five foul balls during Monday's game at Comerica Park.

Detroit -- The cheers grew louder and louder, and the line for selfies grew longer and longer.

The star of the day at Comerica Park didn't play for the Tigers or Pirates. He's just a normal fan, from Roseville.

And he caught five -- count 'em, five – foul balls from his perch near Section 126 at Comerica Park, behind home plate.

"Casino, baby!" yelled one fan, after Bill Dugan caught the fifth foul ball, in the eighth inning off the bat of Miguel Cabrera. "Let's go!"

"What?" yelled another fan. "You have an agent now?"

One foul ball at a game is rare. Many baseball fans have gone their whole lives without getting even one.

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Dugan has had more success than most, with a knack for being in the right place at the right time. His record is eight in one day, four in a game and four in batting practice.

So on Monday, he broke his in-game record, and added one during BP, just for good measure.

And since you're wondering, no, Dugan, 39, didn't keep any of them.

Each time he caught one, Dugan found a young fan and handed it off -- and by the seventh inning, there was a line of young kids hanging out near him, hoping he'd get more.

"I've gotta give them away," Dugan said. "I've got a room full of baseballs."

Dugan calls himself an on-again / off-again season-ticket holder for the last 15 years of Tigers games.

He currently shares a ticket package with a group of friends.

And on Monday, he hit it big -- and turned into a heck of a story on an otherwise-dull day when the Tigers lost, 7-4.

He even saw himself in a late-game highlight package on the big screen, and earned some TV time on Fox Sports Detroit, too.

"Pretty cool, I guess," Dugan said. "A mini celebrity."