Tigers' Brad Ausmus: 'I'm on the hot seat'

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Manager Brad Ausmus

Detroit —  Cool. Calm. Collected. That’s Brad Ausmus.

Well, at least, that used to be Brad Ausmus.

The Tigers manager snapped twice during his lengthy pregame media session Monday, both times when asked about the topic du jour — his job security.

“You know what, Jen,” Ausmus barked to Fox 2’s Jennifer Hammond, “I get it. I’m on the hot seat. I might get fired. We’re done talking about it.

“You wanna talk about baseball, you wanna talk about the Tigers ... that’s fine.

“We’re beating a dead horse.”

Ausmus, in the final guaranteed year of a three-year contract signed before the 2014 season, was mostly upbeat during his daily media session, ahead of the series opener against the Twins at Comerica Park.

That’s despite fans calling for his head, and a huge media contingent on hand in case there was bigger news than there ended up being Monday.

But at the beginning and end of his 17-minute media session, he sure spit some fire.

“You trying to bait me into talking about it again?” Ausmus asked one local columnist. “It’s not worth talking about. Let’s talk about the team.”

Told his job status is about the team, Ausmus quickly dismissed that.

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“No, it’s not,” Ausmus said. “It’s not part of the team. This is part of the white noise. The team is out here working hard every day trying to win, going about their business the right way. They care.

The Tigers swept the Twins in Minnesota from April 29-May 1, improving to 14-10 on the season.

Since then, the Tigers have won three games — while dropping 11.

One of the wins was Sunday’s late comeback against the Orioles, when J.D. Martinez and Miguel Cabrera hit back-to-back home runs in the eighth inning.

Another came Monday night against the Twins. They won 10-8 after blowing an 8-0 first-inning lead.

How has Ausmus handled all this mounting pressure, as opposed to when he played the game?

“I don’t get too involved, concerned with the white noise,” he said. “I’ve kind of always done that. It’s just part of how I go about my life.

“It’s business as usual.”

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