FSD: We should've stayed live for Ausmus' eruption

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
After being ejected, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus, left, has words with home plate umpire Doug Eddings in the fourth inning.

Detroit — Tigers fans have been dying to see it.

And they got their wish —  albeit, a bit late.

Fox Sports Detroit cut to commercial before the good part of Tigers manager Brad Ausmus' explosion during Monday night's 10-8 victory over the Minnesota Twins. And FSD brass admitted Tuesday it goofed.

"Our producer made an in-the-moment decision to cut to commercial, not sure what Brad's reaction would be," Greg Hammaren, senior vice president and general manager for FSD, told The News. "In hindsight, we should have stayed and caught the manager's response live rather than air it in it's entirety after the break."

Nick Castellanos was called out on strikes to end the bottom of the fourth inning, and Ausmus was immediately tossed from the dugout.

He ran out to plate umpire Doug Eddings, and FSD caught some of that before cutting to commercial.

FSD missed the total meltdown, when Ausmus ripped off his sweatshirt and covered home plate with it before gesturing to Eddings and walking off the field to cheers.

Fans watching the game at home were left in the dark for a bit, or rushing to Twitter to see what they were missing.

It's such a tough decision for live TV producers. For starters, there's little seconds to make a decision. Also, Ausmus is usually pretty laid back, so there was no reason to think an all-time Oscar-worthy ejection was coming.

Additionally, FSD has such a small window for a break, and those commercials are huge dollars for FSD, which annually gets some of the best baseball ratings in the country.

Still, a mistake's a mistake.

FSD will typically acknowledge when it has missed something, as it did when it opted in 2010 not to show a dugout scuffle between Tigers' Armando Galarraga, Gerald Laird and Alex Avila. FSD came back the next day and recapped the story.

FSD made up for its gaffe quicker Monday, showing the entire replay when it came back from commercial.

"We've addressed it with the crew to make sure we always make the best decisions for Tigers fans and viewers," Hammaren said.


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