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Second cortisone shot rejuvenates V-Mart at the plate

Chris McCosky, The Detroit News
Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez points upward after his solo home to add to the Tigers lead, making it 3-0 in the third inning Friday night. Martinez went 2-for-2 with two RBIs and two walks.

Detroit – When it involves the health of a player, you better make sure you are specific, and persistent, with your questions.

Before the series in Cleveland, Victor Martinez was struggling at the plate, clearly unable to get his legs into his swing. His balky right knee was troubling him again. At that point, both manager Brad Ausmus and trainer Kevin Rand said Martinez was not slated to get a cortisone shot – which had alleviated his pain earlier in the season.

Flash ahead to Sunday, when Martinez took a Trevor Bauer fastball to the right knee. After the game, both Rand and Ausmus were asked if Martinez would need to have the knee drained to relieve the massive swelling.

No. It will not be drained.

And it was not drained, but Martinez did get a cortisone shot – Ausmus begrudgingly confirmed that before the game Saturday.

Martinez’s sudden power surge was a tipoff that something had been done.

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The Tigers were off on Monday, he didn’t play Tuesday and wasn’t in the lineup Wednesday, a game that was postponed in the third inning.

He hit a pinch-hit three-run home run in the first game Thursday, singled and scored in the second game and then homered and singled Friday night.

Three days after his first cortisone shot in June, he hit three home runs against the Royals.


Michael Fulmer's next start will be on regular rest, Wednesday against the Indians.

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