Kate Upton gets vulgar in blasting Cy Young voters

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Justin Verlander, right, and Kate Upton dressed up as Sandy and Danny from the 1978 movie Grease on Halloween Monday.

Kate Upton's not just standing by her man.

She's going to war for her man.

The supermodel went off on Twitter on Wednesday night, moments after her fiance, Tigers ace Justin Verlander, fell just shy of winning his second Cy Young Award.

Verlander finished just five points behind his ex-teammate, Rick Porcello, now with the Boston Red Sox.

Two of the 30 baseball-writer voters left Verlander completely off their five-man ballot. Had they both voted him third or better, Verlander, 33, would've won.

As it was, he finished runner-up, despite receiving 14 first-place votes to Porcello's eight.

"Hey @MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to (bleep) @JustinVerlander ?! What 2 writers didn't have him on their ballot?" Upton tweeted moments after the announcement was made.

Glad you asked, Kate.

The writers were both from the Tampa Bay chapter – Fred Goodall of the Associated Press and Bill Chastain of MLB.com, an outlet that only recently was granted membership into the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Goodall had Porcello first, followed by Corey Kluber, J.A. Happ, Zach Britton and Aaron Sanchez. Chastain had Porcello followed by Britton, Kluber, Chris Sale and Masahiro Tanaka.

To add insult to injury, Verlander was referred to as Jason Verlander on the BBWAA's website Wednesday night.

Verlander's baby brother, Ben, an outfielder in the Tigers system, was none too pleased, either, tweeting: "Are you kidding me? Most first place votes and doesn't win? #SaltyYoungerBrother."

He then linked to a spreadsheet that showed all the statistical categories in which Verlander had the edge over the competition.

This is the second time Verlander has lost a razor-close vote, though last time wasn't this controversial. In 2012, he lost by four points to lefty -- and future teammate -- David Price.

Verlander, who recently stated his case for the award in a good-natured back-and-forth with a baseball writer on Twitter, has been silent so far Wednesday night.