Oddsmaker sets Tigers’ win total at 82.5

The Detroit News

The Tigers won 86 games last season. Oddsmakers are saying it’s no sure bet they reach that total this season.

Bovada set the Tigers’ win total at 821/2 on Tuesday, 13th among all major-league teams, and 10 victories shy of the American League Central Division rival Cleveland Indians.

The world champion Chicago Cubs own the largest win total at 951/2, while the San Diego Padres are last at 661/2.

The Tigers open their regular season April 3 against the Chicago White Sox at Guarateed Rate Field in Chicago.

MLB win totals

Chicago Cubs, 95½

Los Angeles Dodgers, 93½

Boston Red Sox, 92½

Cleveland Indians, 92½

Washington Nationals, 90½

Houston Astros, 89½

New York Mets, 88½

San Francisco Giants, 87½

Seattle Mariners, 85½

St. Louis Cardinals, 84½

Texas Rangers, 84½

Toronto Blue Jays, 84½

Detroit Tigers, 82½

New York Yankees, 82½

Pittsburgh Pirates, 82½

Baltimore Orioles, 80½

Colorado Rockies, 80½

Los Angeles Angels, 79½

Arizona Diamondbacks, 77½

Tampa Bay Rays, 77½

Kansas City Royals, 76½

Miami Marlins, 76½

Minnesota Twins, 74½

Atlanta Braves, 73½

Oakland Athletics, 73½

Philadelphia Phillies, 73½

Cincinnati Reds, 70½

Chicago White Sox, 69½

Milwaukee Brewers, 69½

San Diego Padres, 66½