With a little help from their friends, err, fans, the Toledo Mud Hens will celebrate the Beatles next month.

And on Beatles Night on June 16, the Mud Hens will be wearing some ridiculously cool uniforms, as a tribute to the Beatles’ epic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album.

Theme jerseys are super-popular in the minor leagues, and most are pretty cool. But this one goes above and beyond, with the blue jersey mimicking the outfits the Fab Four wore on that album cover.

Already Tuesday, the jersey was making its way around the social-media-sphere, and has gotten some high praise, with ESPN’s Darren Rovell called the uniform “a strong entry for uniform of the year.”

The Beatles-themed jerseys haven’t gone over well with everyone, however. The Fresno Grizzlies, the Astros’ Triple-A affiliate, also are boasting Sgt. Pepper-themed jerseys June 1.

It’s started a spirited back-and-forth on Twitter between the two organizations about whose idea came first.

This is the second theme jersey the Mud Hens have teased. On May 27, they will wear “Star Wars” jerseys.

During the May 27 and June 16 games, fans will be able to bid on the game-worn jerseys, with proceeds going to charity.