Tigers slugger prompts Griffin Majeski, 8, of Lake Orion to switch into a more suitable jersey during Tuesday's game.


Talk about playing all the angles. Griffin Majeski, 8, did a quick jersey switch that netted him a Miguel Cabrera bat during Tuesday's Tigers-Angels game, according to an report.

The boy, who was sitting near the on-deck circle, managed to catch the eye of the Tigers' slugger. Cabrera appeared to shake his head in disapproval at Majeski's attire, a red Angels jersey.

So Majeski hurriedly changed into a Tigers jersey with Cabrera's name on the back. That supposedly met with Cabrera's liking and a gift bat followed.

The Tigers shirt belonged to friend Caden Skelton, who is a few days shy of turning 9, according to the report.

The friends, who were attending the game with their parents, wore their red Mike Trout Angels jerseys near the visitor's dugout. The strategy netted them six souvenir baseballs.