Cleveland – Nothing like having your second child born in the middle of a hurricane.

Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias and his wife Arlene have fortunately come through that experience without a scratch, but with a heck of a story to tell.

“That was crazy, man, crazy,” said Iglesias, who returned to the lineup Sunday after missing six games. “But my son is fine and everybody is OK. Thank God it wasn’t big damage down there, especially in my zone where I’m living at.”

Alvaro Jose was born on Sept. 6 in Coconut Grove, Fla. A day later, Hurricane Irma blew through Miami and south Florida.

“We have to evacuate because the hospital we were at, they evacuated the whole building,” Iglesias said. “We had to leave the hospital a lot sooner than we expected.”

With his wife still in considerable pain from the birth, baby Alvara and his 6-year-old son Jose Antonio in tow, Iglesias drove 40 miles up the east coast of Florida to find a hotel.

“We live on the water so it wasn’t a good idea to stay in Miami,” Iglesias said. “I drove 40 minutes to find a hotel that had electricity and hot water. But everything went well. It was the best scenario for us.”

After a couple of days, Iglesias went back to assess the damage in Miami. His house suffered no structural damage, but the power was still out. Finally, on Monday, he was able to move his family back into their home.

He got a flight out on Tuesday night to join the team here in Cleveland.

“I tried to check in on what the guys were doing but literally, I was just focused on the safety of my family,” Iglesias said. “I mean, driving around with no gas, no power, it was crazy. But we were pretty lucky because it moved to the west a little bit and didn’t hit Miami the way it was supposed to.

“It still caused damage and it still cost people their houses — just wasn’t fun. But everyone down there is together helping each other out. It’s good that no one was hurt, as far as we know.”

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