Detroit Tigers introduce manager Ron Gardenhire.


Detroit – There wasn’t much discussion about the length of Ron Gardenhire’s contract with the Detroit Tigers – at least not between Gardenhire and general manager Al Avila.

“I don’t know if he wants me to say this, but during our interview, Al said, ‘I have three years left on my contract,’” Gardenhire said Friday after being introduced as the Tigers' new manager. “He didn’t say, ‘You will get three years.’ But I kind of felt like that’s what he was saying – we had three years to get this done.”

Gardenhire was given a three-year deal (finances unknown), but he’s not looking at that as his finish line.

“If we start doing it right, then maybe that window gets wider,” he said. “It depends on what you do and the kind of job you do. That’s on my shoulders now.”