Tigers’ Olde English ‘D’ gets change on home jerseys

The Detroit News

The Detroit Tigers are making a minor change to their classic home uniforms, in part, for the sake of uniformity.

The Olde English ‘D’ on the team’s jerseys will now match the logo on the team’s cap, with more noticeable “curly returns at both top and bottom of the ‘D’ with the bars in the center of the logo turning inward,” according to a statement from the team.

The revised logo is shown on the home jersey for Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris.

The change in the logo “honors the heritage of the club and its logo,” which was first used in 1904.

“Due to varying manufacturer interpretations of the Olde English ‘D’,” the statement read, “inconsistent production capabilities and early technology limitations, Detroit Tigers uniform logos have changed more than 50 times since the club was founded in 1901 — including 22 updates to the home jersey. The “cap ‘D’” mark will now be worn on home jerseys and be the sole Olde English ‘D’ logo used on official Detroit Tigers merchandise.”

The Tigers' tweaked home jersey appears at right on third baseman Jeimer Candelario.