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Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera owes ex-mistress $12K/month, for now

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

The former mistress of Tigers star slugger Miguel Cabrera was awarded $12,000 a month in temporary child support for two children he fathered with her, in a ruling handed down in an Orlando, Fla., courtroom Wednesday morning.

A final judgment on the amount Cabrera will be required to pay could still be weeks away, if not months.

There is no date scheduled for a final hearing.

The $12,000 figure, handed down by Judge Alan S. Apte of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, represents close to what Cabrera has been paying Belkis Mariella Rodriguez, a Florida florist, for the past several months. The two parties have been in mediation, off an on, since October, to no avail.

Rodriguez and her attorney have argued that given Cabrera’s substantial earnings — $30 million a year for the next four years, $32 million for the two years after that, not including endorsement money — she is entitled to substantially more, and her children deserve to live a lifestyle similar to his other three children, with his wife, Rosangel. Florida’s child-support statute sets guidelines at 7.5 percent of net earnings for two children, which amounts to more than $100,000 a month.

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Rodriguez filed the lawsuit in August, after Cabrera allegedly cut her child-support payments to around $12,000, from more than $15,000. She said she’s had to resort to borrowing from friends and family, including to help keep up the million-dollar home Cabrera helped her purchase in April 2017.

Cabrera’s attorney, meanwhile, has countered that the state statute wasn’t designed for someone of such means as Cabrera, and that Rodriguez isn’t entitled to enjoy a life of luxury just because of the two-time Most Valuable Player’s lot in life. His attorney, Benjamin Hondus, in filings, likens Rodriguez’s demands to extortion and alimony.

Cabrera, 34, had his worst season as a major-leaguer in 2017, as this case was hitting the courts — as well as a divorce filing, which his wife later withdrew. Cabrera also was playing through a serious back injury. He’s off to a better start this season, with a home run and five RBIs through five games of 2018.

Cabrera and the Tigers have declined to comment on the lawsuit.

It’s unclear how or when Cabrera and Rodriguez met, though their relationship appears to have spanned the 2014 and 2015 seasons, as social-media posts from Rodriguez — since made private — have shown her attending Tigers games across the country during that span.