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Miguel Cabrera better, but not ready to return yet

Chris McCosky
The Detroit News

Detroit — Monday was the day Miguel Cabrera could have come off the disabled list. His 10 days were up.

But he has yet to do any running on the field or any baseball activity, still limited to indoor treatment, treadmills and physical therapy.

“He’s doing everything they’re asking and he’s doing great,” manager Ron Gardenhire said. “He’s had some stiffness from all the treadmill work. Other than that, he’s fine.”

But with Cabrera’s recent history, the two bulging discs in his back that derailed his season last year, any mention of back stiffness and hip stiffness causes serious concern. At this point, it appears that the back and hip stiffness is bothering Cabrera more than the hamstring strain, which put him on the DL in the first place.

“I’m hearing people talk about back pain,” Gardenhire said. “He’s going to have that all the time when you are going through exercises and doing all this stuff. He’s getting stretched like you can’t believe. But he feels good and he’s working his way to getting back on the field.”

Asked if the hamstring has healed, Gardenhire said, “The best it can be. We’ve not seen him going out and doing a lot of running. That’s the next step. We’re hoping to get him out and running in the next couple of days.”

Conservative guess, Cabrera could be at least another week away from getting back into the Tigers lineup.