The Tigers-Angels game Wednesday night featured a pair of rain delays and a wild goose chase.

No, really.

As the Tigers and Angels waited out a second rain delay in the sixth inning, a Canada goose wandered onto the field at Comerica Park, only to be chased off by stadium personnel. 

That goose, though, was nearly cooked.

In making its escape, the goose flew into a video board along the facing of the third deck, and plummeted into the seats below, where it appeared to be whisked away by a caring fan.

This story appears to have a happy ending, as it was reported to be OK and was released outside the stadium, much to the delight of the fans.

And, who knows? It might have even proved inspirational to the Tigers, who scored five runs in the bottom of the sixth, as fans chanted, "Rally Goose," to grab a 6-1 lead.